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Welcome to the Velvet Elvis Pizza Company

Gourmet Pizza and Italian Restaurant
The Velvet Elvis Pizza Company, established in 1998 by owner and chef, Cecilia San Miguel, has become a destination of its own after former Governor Janet Napolitano designated it “An Arizona Treasure” in 2005.

New Offerings

Gluten-Free Pizza

Alaskan Delight – $22

10-inch almond flour crust, herb cream cheese, fresh tomatoes, red onion, capers, goat cheese, mozzarella, dill, topped with
Alaskan smoked salmon

Gluten-Free Designer Pizza – $20

select from our designer pizza options baked on our 10-inch almond crust

Gluten-Free Cheese Pizza – $14

10-inch almond crust, additional toppings individually priced


Soups & Salads!

Designer Pizzas!



Wine & Beer!

“The restaurant is inviting to any culture and is a refreshing blend of organic, natural, modern, hippie, hiker, metaphysical, Western, Native American, Hispanic, upscale, artsy, vegetarian, and meat lovers, or a blend of all of these. Velvet Elvis compliments Patagonia very well. The kitchen is modern and beautifully designed, always impeccably clean. I have tried several dishes and have never been disappointed. Reservations are not required. I know of no other restaurant of this style, but more would be refreshing.”

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