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Gov. of AZ, Janet Napolitano designates the Velvet Elvis “An Arizona Treasure”.

In 2005 then Gov. of AZ, Janet Napolitano designated the Velvet Elvis “An Arizona Treasure”.

One part love
One part science
And the rest is magic…

The Velvet Elvis opened its doors on December 12, 1998, with a procession honoring our Lady of Guadalupe. The restaurant is not named after the “King”. It is simply a playful reference to the “Velvet Paintings”, a multimillion-dollar business which took place across the Mexican border towns in the 70’s.

It is our desire to respectfully introduce our customers to delicious and healthy dining alternatives particularly with our home-made vegetarian soups, organic salads and juice bar choices. We do not compromise our creativity and quality for the sake of profits because we love what we do, and our commitment is to excellence.

Our kitchen is a sophisticated and labor-intensive operation, for example each slice, pizza and calzone is handmade and prepared to order. We make our own whole wheat pizza dough, roast our own bell peppers and prepare authentic chorizo using the leanest ground beef. Our specialty entrees, dressings, sauces, desserts and juices are all original recipes.

We welcome young and old, rich or not as they gather at the Velvet Elvis to share a meal under the irresistible invitation of a great pizza. We are sincerely grateful for your appreciation of our efforts and strive to bring you the best of who we are.

The Velvet Elvis has been mentioned in national and international travel publications. We have been featured on TV, in newspapers from New York to San Francisco, and magazines including Arizona Highways, Tucson Lifestyles, and Tucson Guide Quarterly. In 2005, Arizona Governor, Janet Napolitano, designated the Velvet Elvis an “Arizona Treasure”.

We remain humbly amazed at this level of recognition; and for that, we are blissfully grateful.